Residential Applications

Avoid Embarrassing Moments!

With Clean SteP Disposable Soles you'll never have to embarrass your guests again by asking them to remove their shoes before they enter your home. Just offer them a pair of Clean SteP Disposable Soles. They'll be happy, and so will you!

  Keep Floors and Carpet Clean!

   No More tracking outside dirt and grime inside. Floors and    carpets will require much less care and maintenance which    means less work for you!

Stop Dirt At the Door! Just Pull, Drop and Step.

Slip Resistant Backing!

Re-Usable - Disposable

Just Pull, Drop, & Step Application


Commercial Applications

Real Estate / RV Industry
Healthcare / Fitness Industry
Historical Housing / Art Venues
Clean Rooms
Law Enforcement (crime scene application)
Travel / Public Accommodation
Service Industry: Electrical, Plumbing, Cable, Painting, Contractors in General Re-Usable - Disposable

How to apply Clean SteP Disposable Soles

Step to the toe of the Clean SteP® Disposable Sole, pressing feet firmly down from toe to heel.

To remove product, simply pull from the heel area and it is easily released. 
Put adhesives sides together for possible reuse.  Reuse until adhesive tact no longer holds. 
Do not wear product if it does not stick to the entire shoe sole.
Re-Usable - Disposable