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Clean SteP® Disposable Sole is the creation of a company located in Gastonia, North Carolina. The company takes pride in knowing its product is the answer to reduce modern day house cleaning. Where there is less dirt, there is less cleaning. The Clean SteP® Disposable Sole is designed to promote and encourage holistic attitudes in maintaining cleaner environments to include Clean Room areas by simply stepping onto the adhesive shoe sole to keep dirt and germs from tracking to in-door floor surfaces.
It is the vision of the company to manufacture the best product at the most effective cost value for its customers. It is also the vision of the company to become the leader in sales and production of disposable shoe soles and to make Clean SteP® Disposable Sole a universal and global name.
Thank you for your order and remember this product is made in the USA.
Clean SteP® Disposable Sole

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About The Product

         Clean SteP® Disposable Sole is formulated as an adhesive tact shoe sole designed to prevent tracking dirt, grime and debris onto in-door environments.  The idea was created after one of the owners built a new house and asked visitors to take off their shoes at the front door before entering.  In today's households,   maintaining a clean house is key to providing good health, well-being and protection for the family. 

  • Did you know that   germs and fungi from dirt and soil are tracked inside the home from the sole of your shoe?  These germs and fungi can be hidden in carpets, rugs and on hardwood floors.  People walk on carpets and floors barefoot which could be certain cause for athlete's foot disease (itchy rash between toes).
  • Industry and proven statistics reveal that over eighty-five (85) percent of dirt in the home comes from the sole of the shoe.            


  • It takes up to 15ft after walking inside the house to clear your shoe of debris and dirt.  We don't realize it, but according to that same statistic, bacteria, germs and toxins are TRAPPED in carpets - think of the modern-day invasion of dust mites in our homes! 

Here's what the Clean SteP® Disposable Sole will do for you. 

  • Maintain a cleaner household environment 
  • Prevent bringing germs and bacteria inside from the sole of your shoe
  • Maintain the life of your carpets
  • Minimize the dirt that is tracked in your home
  • Reduce chemical cleaning of carpets
  • Minimize allergies.

 TRY CLEAN STEP® DISPOSABLE SOLE and PROMOTE cleaner in-door floor environments.  You'll be glad you did!